William Owen (middle) with Shannon Bowman, physical therapist (left) and Kelly Gardener, occupational therapist, (right)

After William Owen had a total knee replacement on his right knee, he came to Westside Village Health Center in Indianapolis for his recovery.


Owen arrived at the rehab and skilled nursing center on Feb. 23, 2017, and got started with physical and occupational therapies six days a week so he could regain his strength, balance, range of motion and daily functional skills. He needed assistance to shower, get dressed, walk, stand up or sit down and balance while standing.


This wasn’t Owen’s first experience at Westside Village – his wife had been there previously for rehabilitation.


“You guys always take such good care of us!” said Owen.


After just 10 days of therapy, Owen was ready to graduate, independent in his mobility and only requiring supervision for getting dressed and bathing. He returned home to his wife on March 4, 2017.